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           Quality Workmanship! Professional Insurance Negotiations!

Cars USA can repair and restore your car when wear and tear take their toll.

We understand the need to keep costs. We use new parts in most cases, when necessary, we can economize with rebuilt or quality used parts.

We negotiate with your insurance company, advocating for the most advatageous settlement. 

If your car is totaled, or beyond repair, Cars USA can help you dispose of it and sell you a new or used car with terms to meet your budget.

While your car is in repair, Cars USA can provide a rental car at an affordable rate. We work with all insurance companies.

Schedule an appointment today, call 703.533.2211.

We can drop you off or pick you up at the East Falls Church Metro if you want to leave your car for the day while you go into the City to work or shop.

Call today for an estimate!                                        703.533.2211

  Cars USA is very competitive!